29 November 2006

Latest downloads

The Jon Ronson and Julie Burchill/Sara Lawrence shows are finally available to download from the Little Atoms website.

To download, click here and scroll down.

Apologies for the delay, technical issues which I won't bore you with.



Blogger patrick said...

Julie's a bit barking isn't she.

Really enjoyed the Jon Ronson interview though. Looking forward to Michael Gove - be interesting to have a Tory MP on little atoms...

5:13 pm  
Anonymous slydawn said...

I realise you don't want to setup a confrontational atmosphere with your guests, but I think you really did let Julie Burchill get away with quite a lot in that discussion. I mean, "the way they treat black people in every country they come to", referring to Muslim people?

(Though Jon Ronson, as always, was brilliantly entertaining.)

1:36 am  

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