14 October 2007

Andrew Anthony now online

You can download our interview with Andrew Anthony from 5th October from here.



Blogger Coventrian said...

How bizzare. How come you didn't challenge him for his outrageous allegations. Who on the left described the 9/11 attackers as third world freedom fighters?

As for 'guilt' which everyone denoes having, but is proven by what isn't said. Come off it!

Anthony also tells some real porkies. he claims that that Iqbal Ahmed in the Indie criticises him for using Anglo-Saxon to describe fifties Britain.

Here is the exact wording,

'The author describes the Fifties, when the spirit of London was "Anglo-Saxon". He despises the fact that in the Seventies it was cool to be black. His mother is horrified to see new people moving into the estate, "some of whom do not speak English". He doesn't think that Britain has benefited from ruling over one-fourth of mankind in the 20th century.'

Clear evidence that Anthony has completey misrepresented the point that the reviewer was making - and he has the gall to describe Michael Moore as a 'charlatan'.

AA couldn't have asked for an easier ride. So for the real deal, check out AllyF's destruction of Anthony's case at


ps why is it OK for your mum to be racist?

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