18 September 2008

Little Atoms with Ziyad Marar

Little Atoms continues its look at The Art of Living series of books, published by Acumen Publishing.

The Art of Living - We live in a world where people are searching for new insights and sources of meaning. Religion often seems questionable; work and the consumer treadmill unbalanced; and self-help worthy but simplistic. Philosophy is the great untapped resource of our generation. From Plato to Russell philosophers have engaged wide audiences on matters of life and death. The Art of Living series aims to invigorate philosophy and open up the subjects riches to a wider public once again. Taking its lead from the concerns of the ancient Greek philosophers, the series asks the question "how should we live?" Authors draw on their own personal reflections to write philosophy that seeks to enrich, stimulate and challenge the reader's thoughts about their own life.

This week Neil Denny will be talking to writer Ziyad Marar about Deception.

Ziyad Marar was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1966. He lived in the Middle East until the age of 10 before moving to London where he still lives. He has worked as Editorial Director at Sage Publications for the last decade. He holds a BSc in psychology (Exeter University), an MA in the philosophy and psychology of language, and did several years of post-graduate research in this field (London University). His recent book The Happiness Paradox reflects his interest in the way philosophy and psychology can contribute to a better understanding of modern identity. His forth-coming book, Deception, looks at our relationship with the truth, and asks whether it's possible (or even desirable) to live a truly honest life.


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