19 December 2006

Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon

Blogger Joel Schlosberg has instigated a Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon for wednesday 20th December 2006, which is the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan's death.

In Joel's words;

"If you're a Sagan fan with a blog, you can participate by posting something related to him on or near that date. Read or reread a Sagan book and review it; discuss cool things that you've done that's been influenced by him; pontificate on one of the many topics he treated (SETI, astronomy, critical thinking, the history of science, human intelligence....), or post about something completely surprising".

read more here

Also, see what Nick Sagan has to say about it here

And here's another Carl Sagan blog.



Blogger Axinar said...

I've started something a little different in honor of the 10th anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing - a Cosmos "Reading".

Join in if you're able!

12:06 am  

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