01 November 2007

Little Atoms with Paul Evans

Richard and Padraig are joined at very short notice by Paul Evans. Paul Evans is one of the co-founders of Poptel Technology Ltd. Many of their projects are designed to motivate sections of society that currently do not use the internet. Local councillors are one such group, and the Councillor.info project has worked with over thirty local authorities, encouraging councillors to become active managers of personal websites.

Paul has also specialised in promoting web technologies to the labour movement. He has worked on website projects for almost all of the major unions and many of the smaller ones. Previously, Paul worked as an assistant to an MEP, specialising in the regulation of Digital TV. In his spare time, he helped the New Statesman to establish the first New Statesman New Media Awards in 1998. Paul recently spoke at the Institute of Ideas' Battle of Ideas conference about weblogs and democracy. Paul's own blog can be found here.


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