21 January 2007

Whats Left?

Today's Observer has a lengthy extract from Nick Cohen's new book, What's Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way, which is released by Forth Estate on 5th February.

Nick will making a very welcome be return to Little Atoms on 16th Febuary to discuss the book.

Meanwhile, you can get to grips with Nick's arguments in this Comment is Free article. At the time of writing Nick is taking something of a battering from the witty and incisive Liberal-left commentariat, e.g.

This is just more pro-Israel propaganda from Mr Cohen. The invasion made perfect sense, viewed from the pro-Israel perspective.

Why do you, a British Jew, think you have the authority to judge the rights or wrongs of Iraqis? Or the left, when you are clearly a Neocon?

Your piece is dishonest, wrongheaded, and just plain wrong.

Why not write a book about Israel?s many sins Nick? You are far more qualified to speak on that subject. Are you up for that?


I could pen a book the length of Nick Cohen's but got stuck on his surname,a name which may explain a lot about his real agenda.

Pow! take that Nick!



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