18 May 2007

Ban This Filth!

From the execrable Trot nostalgia blog Lenin's Tomb;

If you like this sort of thing, then you might also like to write to the wonderful Resonance FM(part of central London only) to ask them to take a show called 'Little Atoms' off the air, or at very least to point out that they are engaging in duplicity here and ask them to change the name and description of the show to ' the far right neo-liberal zionist opportunist scumbags pretending to be a pro-war left(there's no such thing) show'. Have a look at their listing on the Res FM website - you'll find the show described as a defence of science, Enlightenment values and secularism from a progressive left viewpoint. You'll find Aardvarkovitch features prominently on the site which is a clue. What they actually promote is 'Euston manifesto' sinister wankology featuring right-wing feminists and all the rest of the slimy crowd - Nick Cohen is a hero; Chomsky, Galloway etc are the enemy and the world (especially Israel of course) is in danger from the deranged hordes of Islam. Yeuch!! The rest of the stuff on ResFM is so good and this is so bad. Maybe they've got to have it for 'balance' but they could at least call it what it is, Gauche youngsters could be fooled by this for a while. Help stamp this out!"
- Lafayette Senacherib

The address for letters is;

Resonance FM
9 Denmark Street,


A far right neo-liberal zionist opportunist scumbag

14 May 2007

Little Atoms Breaks America - America Breaks Little Atoms' Website

James Randi very kindly mentioned the interview he recorded with Little Atoms in his latest SWIFT Newsletter, and we have subsequently seen unpresedented numbers of download requests for the interview. Just over 600 downloads in the last three days alone. While this is amazing, it has unfortunately eaten nearly a months worth of bandwidth. The Download Archive needs a lie down, and is therefore suspended until further notice. I.E. the end of the month. Otherwise the whole website is going to fall over. Sorry!


Euston Manifesto debate on humanitarian intervention post-Iraq

On Monday 30th April, a panel of leading Ministers, MPs, and thinkers came together in Westminster Hall th the Houses of Parliament to discuss the future of humanitarian intervention, after the conflict in Iraq.

The speakers included:

Rt. Hon. Hilary Benn MP, Minister for International Development and a candidate for the Labour party deputy leadership.

Prof. Brian Brivati, Professor of Contemporary History and Human Rights at Kingston University.

Nick Cohen, journalist for the Observer and New Statesman, and author of ‘What’s Left? How Liberals lost their way’.

Gary Kent, Director of Labour Friends of Iraq.

Pat McFadden MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Cabinet Office

Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Why am I telling you this now you might ask? Well, the entire debate has rather handily been posted on YouTube. Enjoy.


10 May 2007

This Week's Show....

Jonathan Meades makes a very welcome return to Little Atoms, to discuss his new series "Abroad Again", which began this Wednesday 9th May at 19:00 on BBC2. It's very good, I've seen them all.

Tune in at the usual time and place, Resonance 104.4FM Friday 11th May at 16:30.

This show was pre-recorded a week ago (so before the French elections, which are discussed briefly), and will therefore be available to download from our website shortly after it is broadcast.


04 May 2007

More downloadable...

Another download. You can hear Richard and Padraig discussing Philosophy, Humanism and the Enlightenment with Jonathan Derbyshire here.


03 May 2007

Feeling A Little Randi...

Sorry, that's a little too obvious isn't it? Anyway, Our interview with Conjourer, Skeptic and all round Good Egg James Randi is now available to download from here.

Who knows? you might feel like having a go for that million dollars?


01 May 2007

Euston Manifesto Conference. One Year On........

‘Solidarity and Rights: The Euston Manifesto one year on’

The Euston Manifesto Group will stage a one-day conference at SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London, on 30 May 2007. The event will be hosted with the help of the SOAS Centre for Jewish Studies and take place in the Khalili Lecture Theatre, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG.

The meeting starts at 2.00 pm and continues into the evening (till 9.30 pm). The final speaker will be Michael Walzer. Each session will begin with the presentation of a short paper, which will be followed by open (chaired) discussion. Here is the full programme:

14.00 - 15.00: Norman Geras, University of Manchester, ‘Deficits of International Law’

15.00 - 15.30: Break

15.30 - 16.30: Shalom Lappin, King’s College London, ‘Multiculturalism and Democracy’

16.30 - 17.00: Break

17.00 - 18.00: Fred Halliday, London School of Economics, ‘Solidarities Simple and Complex’

18.00 - 19.00: Break for dinner

19.00 - 20.00: Eve Garrard, Keele University, ‘The Academic Boycott: Justifications, Objections, Explanations’

20.00 - 20.15: Break

20.15 - 21.30: Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, ‘Terrorism and Just War’

If you would like a ticket, please send an email to: conference@eustonmanifesto.org

Tickets are 5.50 GBP (plus donation at your discretion). You can pay by Paypal...

… or by cheque made payable to ‘the Euston Manifesto Group’.