28 February 2008

Little Atoms with David Colquhoun

Little Atoms returns this friday after a two week absence, and with a new presenter. Neil Denny and Anthony Burn talk to on of Britain's leading scientists, David Colquhoun.

Professor David Colquhoun FRS, held the established (A.J. Clark) chair of Pharmacology at UCL, and was the Hon. Director of the Wellcome Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology. In October 2004, he became a Research Fellow. Like many previous holders of the chair (in particular, A.J. Clark, J.H. Gaddum, H.O. Schild and J.W. Black) his interests are in quantitative analysis of receptor mechanisms.

He graduated from Leeds with a BSc and then went to Edinburgh to work for a PhD. After doing research at University College from 1964-69 on immunological problems and completing a book on statistics, he went to Yale University to work on nerve conduction. After returning from the USA he eventually returned to the Pharmacology Department at UCL in 1979, and has worked on single ion channel mechanisms since then. In 2004, he was made an Honorary Fellow of University College London.

David also writes DC's Improbable Science blog, on which he regularly crosses swords with various quacks and purveyors of magic potions.

Join us this friday at 19.00 on Resonance 104.4FM

19 February 2008

Last Two Shows Now Downloadable

The two most recent Little Atoms are now available to download from the website.

Get Derek Pasquill here, and Damian Thompson here.

07 February 2008

Little Atoms with Damian Thompson

On this week's Little Atoms Neil Denny and Richard Sanderson are joined by Damian Thompson.

Damian Thompson is a leader writer for The Daily Telegraph and editor-in-chief of The Catholic Herald. He blogs for the Telegraph on religious affairs and is the author of a number of books, including Waiting for Antichrist: Charisma and Apocalypse in a Pentecostal Church and The End of Time: Faith and the Fear in the Shadow of the Millennium.

In February 2008, Damian's latest book, Counterknowledge: How We Surrendered to Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science and Fake History, will be published. You can discover more by visiting the Counterknowledge website.

04 February 2008

More Downloads

The interview with Linda Grant is now available to download from here.

Also, at long last, the recording of Neil Denny interviewing Johann Hari at Miller's Academy from November 2007 can be downloaded from here.