20 June 2007

Tom Standage on Little Atoms

On this weeks show Richard Sanderson and Neil Denny will be talking to Tom Standage, the business editor of The Economist. He started his career as the Science and Technology Editor at the Guardian, and has written several books which merge popular science and history including "The Victorian Internet", "The Neptune File" and "The Mechanical Turk".

He says of his books "I think the right attitude to new technologies is to regard them with historically-informed scepticism. My approach is
intended as a sort of antidote to the scourge of mindless product stories: when something new comes along, I like to point out that it
isn't new at all. This isn't quite as gratuitous as it sounds; it is quite often possible to learn useful lessons from history, particularly the history of technology".

His latest book is "A History of the World in 6 Glasses" in which he explores a notion that six drinks in history - beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cola - could be seen as technological catalysts in
advancing culture.

The presenters of Little Atoms have been known to enjoy the odd drink or 2, so like to thnk that their regular forays to the pub are worth it!


18 June 2007

Website down again.....

On saturday evening somebody posted a link to the Christopher Hitchens interview to RichardDawkins.net which subsequently saw just over 1000 people download the interview in under 24 hours. Amazing stuff! but of course the website couldn't cope, and fell over again in shock.

I'm endeavouring to get things sorted, but in the meantime I have uploaded the last 5 interviews, those being Christopher Hitchens, Jonathan Meades, James Randi, Jonathan Derbyshire and David Aaronovitch to archive.org the internet archive.

See link here.

You might have to register first, but its worth it. There is lots of other good stuff on there.


07 June 2007

Christopher Hitchens Interview

This weeks Little Atoms features Christopher Hitchens in conversation with Padraig Reidy and Neil Denny about his new book, God is Not Great: How Religion poisons everything.

The interview was recorded back in april at the Oxford Literary Festival, and as you would expect from the book's title, Hitch isn't pulling any punches!