27 February 2009

Little Atoms with Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen returns for his third visit to Little Atoms. Nick is
a columnist for the Observer and The London Evening Standard. He does
occasional pieces for many other publications, including the Standpoint
and New Humanist. Cruel Britannia: Reports on the Sinister and the
, a collection of his journalism, was published by Verso in
1999, and Pretty Straight Guys, a history of Britain under Tony Blair, was
published by Faber in 2003. Nick's next book What's Left?: How Liberals
Lost Their Way
, an examination of the agonies, idiocies and compromises of
mainstream liberal thought was published by 4th Estate in February 2007.
His Latest book, Waiting for the Etonians: Reports From the Sickbed of
Liberal England
is published by 4th Estate in February 2009. Ascerbic,
funny and uncompromising, Nick Cohen's forensic political journalism makes
him one of the sharpest writers on the British left.

20 February 2009

Little Atoms 100th show with Steve Jones*

This week's show is the 100th edition of Little Atoms. Neil Denny and Padraig Reidy talk to Steve Jones.

Steve Jones is a professor of genetics and head of the biology department at University College London. His studies are conducted in the Galton laboratory. He is also a television presenter and a prize-winning author on the subject of biology, especially evolution. He is one of the best known contemporary popular writers on evolution. His popular writing shows a wry, sometimes rather dark, sense of humour. In 1996 his writing won him the Royal Society Michael Faraday prize "for his numerous, wide ranging contributions to the public understanding of science in areas such as human evolution and variation, race, sex, inherited disease and genetic
manipulation through his many broadcasts on radio and television, his lectures, popular science books, and his regular science column in The Daily Telegraph and contributions to other newspaper media".

Steve's books include In The Blood: God, Genes and Destiny, Y:The Descent of Man, Almost Like a Whale: 'The Origin of Species' Updated, The Single Helix: A Turn Around the World of Science and Coral: A Pessimist in Paradise. His most recent book is Darwin's Island: The Galapagos in the Garden of England.

*Actually its our first show with Steve Jones, but you know what I mean....

13 February 2009

Little Atoms with Jonathan Heawood

On this week's show Neil Denny and Padraig Reidy talk to Jonathan Heawood of English PEN.

Jonathan Heawood joined English PEN as Director in November 2005 from the Fabian Society, where he was responsible for publishing a wide variety of political books and pamphlets, and editing the Fabian Review. He was previously Deputy Literary Editor of the Observer, and he continues to write on culture and politics for a range of publications, including the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, Prospect, the New Statesman, the London Review of Books and Country Life. He wrote the introduction to Orwell: The Observer Years (Atlantic, 2003), and is now writing a book about the cultural history of the British landscape.

05 February 2009

Little Atoms with Nick Davies

On this week's show Neil Denny and Padraig Reidy are joined in the studio by journalist Nick Davies. Nick Davies writes investigative stories for the Guardian, and has been named Journalist of the Year, Reporter of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year in the British press awards. His latest book Flat Earth News exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media.

Website Not Updated

Apologies that the Little Atoms website hasn't been updated, and last week's podcast isn't available yet. My computer at home has developed enough bug and viruses to floor an elephant, so need to get that sorted first.

Needless to say the program continues as normal.....